investors 2-bedroom set


Other Seller: RM 8,500

1. Designer 2-Seater Sofa x2
2. Coffee Table
3. TV Console
4. Queensize Bed x2
5. Queensize 10 inch Mattress x2
6. Wardrobe x2
7. Desk Table x2
8. Dining Table
9. Dining Chair x4

*Curtain and Kitchen Cabinet Add-On Available

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Decoration Set

Include carpet, wall photo for living room and master bedrooms, deco for living room wall shelves, dining set, deco for kitchen area


Kindly fill in as in the format shown.
A rough estimation

Did you know? RM5,500 is enough for you to fully furnish your studio/1-bedroom unit!

Tenants today want mobility

The logic behind is simple. This year in the Covid-19 environment, there are currently little to none job opportunities overseas. Guess where would many of the working professionals go? Yes you are right, Klang valley has more job opportunities and higher median income compared to other areas in Malaysia! Don’t you forget there are 4.95 million of students who graduated from university this year too!

Templated Design

Our packages are designed as template-based, so that landlords do not have to worry about what are the essential furniture for a rental property. We already chose for you what is important in the tenant’s eye. If you wish to get more enquiry and rent out at a higher price, our SPEEDRENO packages should come first in your mind. Even delivery and installation is FREE, so what else do you need to think about?

Low-cost Yet Stay Trendy

If you had experience in renovating houses. You know that it can easily cost around RM10,000 to get all the loose furniture, kitchen cabinets, curtains etc. Here’s the good news, since SPEEDHOME had bulk purchased from the warehouse, you as our landlord is able to get your 1-Bedroom unit fully furnished at only RM5,500.